we want to talk about you, but here's a little bit about us.


We all have a tale to tell. 


At Locals Creative, we craft brand identities for ambitious fellow locals and mountain souls, transforming your small business into a brand worth talking about around a campfire.

We believe in a world where creative and strategy collide, leading to building meaningful brands that outshine the competition.

Based in Truckee, CA (or somewhere outside). 

Hey, I'm Em Deane Kelley, Founder and your new favorite local to hit happy hour with. Born and raised in rural Maine, but living, working and playing in Truckee, CA - Lake Tahoe's neighbor and home to an unmatched community.


Professional coffee drinker and amateur mountain biker. Experienced craft beer tester and overly obsessed dog owner. Constantly scheming my next trip and annoying my friends with the same Bluegrass playlist. Life long skier and lover of sleeping outside.

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When you work with Locals Creative, we give back to the planet. 


Locals Creative made the pledge to join the global 1% of the Planet movement. ⁣
Joining 1% for the Planet is our way of committing to using our brand as a way to not only help locals with their businesses, but to protect, restore and advocate for this wonderful place (Truckee, CA) that we call home. Pledging to donate 1% of annual sales to support organizations focused on the environment is something that we are damn proud of.

In addition, we are also proud Mountain Area Preservation and Protect our Winters

Business Members.